Thursday, August 2, 2012


My dad gave me a bridal shower gift. With the aunties and Ma planning, decorating, and baking, the poor, old dude felt left out. So he gave me a stand mixer in chic 80s almond. I really suspect Ma told him what to go out and buy. Didn't matter. I loved that stand mixer.Together we whipped, mixed, and beat millions of pounds of cake batter, cookie and bread dough. Lots of bread dough. After 26 years of faithful service, the stand mixer up and died. That's not really true. Its 10 speeds were reduced to two: Mach One and Warp Four. It made it difficult to control the baking results.

I missed that mixer. No more cookies, bread dough or pizza dough. And then from Himself, it arrived in its Cobalt Blue glory. Is it not a thing of beauty? Even though the bowl is a bit larger than the old one, the locking hub for bowl and blades is the same size. Means the old bowl and blades (which I kept) fit the new machine! For its maiden voyage,I made pizza dough. Pure joy.

Do you have a small kitchen appliance you would be lost without?


  1. Love the blue!! I got a stand mixer from my husband for Christmas several years ago, and I love it!

  2. It's beautiful! Congratulations! I love mine, but since dietary restrictions, I don't bake much anymore :(