Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 26 - Grabs

I had to leave to run an errand. I had thought there would be a lot more done today. I returned home around lunch time. The safety grab bars had been installed. The tub wall that wouldn't adhere due to the high humidty had a bead of silicon glue and was braced with the spring tension shower curtain rod. Guess we're using the pool tub again. In The Pool

I thought tiling was supposed to begin today or maybe the holes for the electrical boxes would be cut. Last week, the contractor was saying he thought the bathroom would be near completion by the end of this week. This is beginning to feel like the never ending bathroom project. Pouty A friend kindly pointed out the contractor probably didn't want to begin cutting the electrical boxes until the joint compound was completely dry. It was still tacky in places. Thanks for the happy thought, Sunflower. Sunshine

On the plus side, the vanity arrived. The contractor had cleared space in the garage so it would have a place to live. The bathroom supply called Swanstone and finally got the corner molding tracked. It shipped today and should arrive on Friday. Delivery

The shower looks nice. The bathroom looks cleaner, but is still ugly.


  1. Even small progress is still progress. :)

  2. projects never go according to plan... But it's always worth it in the end, right?

  3. Depends on your definition of "ugly." Even in it's current state it looks better than mine.

  4. remember there are ppl who only have a hole in the ground to do their! Least the shiny new shower wall looks