Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 38 - Options

Another day, no show from the contractor. No phone call, no explanation. No surprise, there.

I spent the morning researching our options. An online chat with a representative from the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations was helpful. We got some options open to us. We will file a complaint against the contractor with the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. We also meet the requirements for arbitration and we were told to file a request for arbitration. There is no cost to file. If the request is accepted, we will have to pay a fee to the arbitrator based on the amount of our claim. We might be able to recoup $$ for some of our loss. Hopefully, the complaints will be a black mark against the contractor.

After much discussion, Himself and I decided we did not want this contractor to finish the bathroom. We were more than patient with his two hour work days and endless extension of when the job would finish. With skipping out with the half the job completed, it feels as if we were raped. No more.

We will find another contractor who will finish the work professionally and in a timely matter.


  1. I'm glad you found some options. It not like you won't win the case!
    I'll come testify.

  2. CJ'
    That is unbelievable, people are so crude to others. I was hoping to read great news about your bathroom. I know you and your family are so disgusted and disapointed in the contracters. I'm so sorry CJ. I'll be thinking of you. Dollydonna

  3. aww, HUGS CJ! know it won't help! but I hope things do work out for you to recover some if not all of your money. Grrr! I still can't believe he just up and left!!! and won't even pick up the phone!