Sunday, August 26, 2007


There are so many emotions and questions about this situation. I swing between No and Grrr I've been having medieval thoughts about justice. I'd like to have his gonads on a silver tray. I'd like him to be drawn, quartered and hanged by his own entrails. I had Western thoughts about justice too. Sheriff

And then there are the questions. Why? Why us? We're good people. We try to use our powers for good. At least, Himself does. Winky Is this punishment? Am I guilty of hubris because I wanted a pretty pot? Toilet ReadingWhat's the lesson? We trusted the wrong person? How easy it is to be taken to the cleaners? Were we given a quest to prevent this from happening to anyone else? Knight

What puzzles me most is why did he do this? Doesn't he care about his reputation? He has committed fraud, misrepresented himself. Not only could he lose his license and livelihood, but he could spend some time in jail. Handcuffed His wife is part of the name on the invoices which means she's responsible for 50% of his actions. If he didn't care about himself, one would think he would care about what happens to his wife. Did he think we would say "oh well, boys will be boys" and not pursue matters? Judge I'm pretty sure the money we paid is gone, but we can sue to attach a lien to his home, his truck, his tools.

I doubt the answer to the questions will ever be known. Time to get our sass up, and move on. Mechanical Bull It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


  1. {{{HUG}}}
    You're doing all you can, but it won't be enough for some time. It will be over and you'll move on... and yes, you are as good as Himself... I'm the evil one, remember? Didn't the man's dad also work with him? He's stupid, idiotic, and well... more naughty words that wouldn't be appropriate.

  2. I wish I could wave a wand and make all this nastiness disappear for you. You don't deserve this. The contractor is a jerk of the first water. Pursue everything you can within the law. And tell all your friends and the local newspaper too.

  3. I wonder if this guy's wife knows what a dic... jerk he's been, especially with her name on the business.

  4. Gosh CJ, I am so sorry, but I have seen it happen so many times to people, and it's the good people that get hurt. How sad! There is no justice. I always say, "what goes around, comes around." Wish this had not happened to you and your family. I can understand your anger, hopefully they will get what they deserve. I would call the news and have one of the news man let people know their is a scam artist out there. We have a station in my town, that you call, and they look into the problem and try their darnest to help solve the problem. Dollydonna

  5. Sure feel awful about your predicament. I don't think it has anything to do with you as a person. This guy probably hoodwinks everyone he comes in contact with and deserves to lose his license. Maybe in the great cosmic scheme of things you are stopping him before he can cause some really horrible damage to a senior citizen or a child.

  6. first...ROFLMAO@"I've been having medieval thoughts about justice"....and "am I being punished for wanting a pretty pot"...lmao!!! (! I'm sorry for all your going thru. It makes soo sad for you...I would love to help track him down and help you rip out his entrails..lmao..