Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday,The Building Inspector

As LDH suggested Himself called the town building inspector. He came to inspect the bathroom and brought a stop Work Order. He was very sympathetic with our plight and he would try to help us out.

He was not happy as we related the details of the job. Contrary to what the contractor told us, we were supposed to have a building permit. Like LDH, the inspector scowled and grimaced at the work. It was not up to state code. He became incensed when he learned the contractor performed all the electrical and plumbing work. His license doesn't allow him to do that kind of work. And the building inspector will see he no longer has a license. Yes!

We will have to apply for a building permit. Once the permit is issued, we can contact a plumber to take care of leaks the building inspector found Wet and to call an electrician to check the electrical work.

As to arbitration, he didn't think we qualified because we did not have a building permit. I think we'll still try to pursue this avenue. What's the worse that can happen but that our request is denied. We'll wait to see what the building inspector turns up and then decide whether we should sue the pants off contractor. Pants Falling Down


  1. :( I'm so sorry this has been such a trail to you.

    T'ain't fair, Daddy! T'aint fair!

  2. That's such a shame that everything is such a mess. I thought you had a building permit or I might have mentioned it. Here, you have to have one for everything.
    Too bad people do such shoddy work.

  3. You certainly didn't deserve this nightmare...


    You can come escape out here! Or we could send some dragons your way... or at least a big intimidating dog!

    In the words of the cowardly lion... "let me at 'em. Let me at 'em!"

  4. awww...I'm still so mad about what this jerk did to you and your family! I do hope and pray that all works out for you and you get the pretty potty and pretty walls and pretty floors to match fixed! lol.. HUGS my friend!