Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yesterday, Lambie and I were invited to lunch at our calligraphy teacher's summer home on Cape Cod. It's a two hour ride down 495 the border road to the Land of Here There Be Dragons. Lambie drove and we gos-sipped on bottles of whine, and soon we crossed over the Bourne Bridge. A few turns and we pulled into Callinana's driveway. That's my new nickname for her because she just became a nana in May.

We sat on her front porch and had delicious salsa and cream cheese dip with crackers and sipped iced tea. (Lambie had diet soda.) The front of the house faces the bay so we could watch the boats and seagulls.

The weather was a Goldilocks day, just right. A breeze kept us cool. The boats bobbed on the bay, and the trees swayed. I could feel the tension leave to the shush of the leaves, the tink of the ice cubes in the glasses and the laughter.

We talked and talked and talked. Then we moved to the backyard patio and had lunch. Lambie told us about her trip to Canada to attend Island Magic, the calligraphy conference. We got Callinana's take on the instructor we will have for our year long calligraphy class. I got to share another bottle of whine about the remodel.

All too soon, the afternoon came to and end time for us to head home. On the way, I told Lambie about the book I was making from the CD sleeves, but had run into a stumbling block about the title page. Lambie gave me a brilliant idea. I'm fairly cracking with creativity and can't wait to start back on the project today.

So thanks to a beautiful location, a delicious lunch, and the company of good friends, I feel my creative energy surging.

(Above, Heath admires Nobska Light. Bet you didn't think I could work him in. Winky )


  1. If I had known Heath was there with you at the Cape, I would have driven there asap! LOL!


  2. oh man, sounds like fun!!!

  3. My EYES! At least it isn't his briar-patch chest! LOL

    Sounds like a lovely time.

  4. I thought you just drove around looking for a shirtless guy to add! But, I sure did think it looked like a backside view of Heath and wondered, what the heck?
    Sounds like a lovely day.

  5. ^5's u! Just what you needed! a break from the!!! I'm glad the trip did you some good. and loved how you described the oceans and seagulls....I love them kind of days. :D