Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 27 - Humidity Sux

Another day where very little was accomplished. Will this humidity never end? The glue to the shower wall is still like putty. It's supposed to dry very hard. The contractor still had to brace it, but at least we can use the shower instead of the pool. Looks very Western with the horse hitching rail. Cowboy

The contractor was supposed to begin tiling, but was worried with things not drying the entire wall would slide to the floor like a lopsided cake. He did a test row of tiles and brought the dehumidifier in. Not sure if that's going to help, but at this point, it probably won't hurt.

They brought the vanity in. No dings, dents, or cracks. A small ray of sunshine. Sunny

I told him this was a never ending bathroom project. He likened it to the Disney ride, "It's a Small World", pleasant at first, but then gets annoying. He left to find comfort in early lunch. The Young One and I went to Michael's, only I don't feel creative. I suppose if it weren't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any at all. Black Cloud

The bathroom is still ugly.


  1. Wish I could send you some of our drought. :(

  2. Dang... You're a pessimist! We got the humidity too. I wish we had drought as well. I'm trying to get the lawn mowed... Which of COURSE is a mile high thanks to recent rains. You'd get a heck of a workout with your push mower... Come on over. I'll save the back yard for ya. You can vent out your bathroom frustrations... And I've got a working bathroom... *grin*

  3. I'd love to have the rain! It's blistering hot here and until two days ago we didn't have air conditioning. We now have one wall unit, limping along.

    Wish your bathroom was speeding along better. I'm sure it's frustrating--but, you got to go to Michael's so that's something good. And the vanity is okay. You can take showers. I assume the toilet is working. You have cool emoticons on your blog. You keep your blog updated. Hey, you've got a LOT to be happy about!

    And you aren't canning corn.

  4. roflmao!!! you really should be videotaping this for You can title it "and the bathroom still looks ugly"...I love it! lmao!