Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day 32 - Corner Correction

On Friday, the contractor removed the tile which had been set out of kilter. He scraped the wall down then applied the mud so they can retile on Monday.

He's assured us he would be finished by Wednesday. I can't really see how as there's so much still left to be done. Thinking

The wall under and over the window has to be tiled.

The 3 walls above the shower have to be tiled.

The wall between the shower and the laundry area needs to be tiled.

The hole for the dryer vent has to be cut.

The dryer vent has to be installed and run up through the crawl space and vented out the roof.

The shower fan has to be vented out the roof.

Outlets for the washer and dryer have to be installed.

Tile in the laundry area needs to be finished.

All wall tile needs to be grouted.

All wall tile grout needs to be sealed

Under floor heating has to be installed.

Washer and dryer to be brought upstairs.

Faucet needs to be connected to the sink.

Medicine and storage cabinets need to be installed.

Laundry cabinets need to be installed.

Ceiling needs to be painted.

Window clamshell and stool needs to be installed.

Window clamshell and stoll needs to be painted.

Bathroom door needs to be taken down.

New door needs mortises cut for locks and hinge and the door hung to swing from the opposite side.

New door knob to be installed.

Mermaid hooks need to be installed

Toilet paper holder needs to be installed

Join between floor and door wall needs to be tiled/grouted

Missing tile in corner where door will swing in needs to be installed

Outside wall in hallway needs to be sanded and prepped for painting

Outside wall in hallway needs new baseboard.

Construction debris needs to be removed from the driveway.
Wall sconces by medicine cabinet need to be installed and connected.

They average 2 to 3 hours per work day. I just don't see how they will finish all that is still left to do.


  1. Um, is his list the same as yours? maybe he meant the tiling would be done???? You know me... always the optimist, right? *wink*

  2. Perhaps the telling question would be--Wednesday in what MONTH or YEAR?