Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quote Book

Since I gussied up the title page of my quote book, the black composition notebook cover looked beige. That is functional, but dull. So I gave the cover a make over with gesso, paints, and a bit of decoupage. Painter's tape turned out to be the perfect shade and size to cover the spine.

Do you collect quotes or jot down your creative ideas in a notebook?


  1. I most certainly do GJ....but my books don't look half as exciting as yours :o)

  2. Eons ago I was in a blank book swap. The paper in one didn't look like it would take any extra moisture. It became my quote book and I try to remember to take it to workshops so I don't have to think about something to write...
    I like your blue cover. A decorated book always seems to have more ideas that will pop out at you.

  3. LOL It took me a moment to recognize what was on the front of the journal (she's slow, but she's fairly nice)

    I don't keep a journal. I turn most of my thoughts into fiction and write novels. :)