Friday, July 29, 2011

The Friday Five

Five things I can't do.

1. I can't drive a stick shift. An old flame tried to teach me, but I kept stalling the car trying to go from first to second gear. I'm so glad God invented the automatic shift.

2. I can't sing. Well, that's not entirely true. I sing like a hinge.

3. Seems the acceptable form of greeting strangers nowadays is a hug. Not for me. Makes my little inner Puritan scream and shudder. I do have a tactic which is based on a karate move. When I see a hugger coming, I take a step backwards and extend my right hand to shake. (Retreat to a cat stance with a seven block)

4. I can't open my eyes when I swim underwater.  I can't even do this with a face mask or goggles!

5. I can't sew which is funny or pathetic as my ma was a seamstress. I couldn't get the hang of the sewing machine. I can sew on buttons and put up a hem (if forced to). In my defense, I can cross-stitch, needlepoint, and embroider.

What skill are you lacking?


  1. I can't drive a stick either.

    I can't make jello.

  2. I cannot drive a stick but I can use a gear lever!!! Over the pond humour!
    I cannot see a blue sky without my spirits being lifted, nor hear a kittens meow without my heartstrings being pulled. I can't leave a phone ringing if a friend needs comfort.

  3. I can do anything, just not well? or it might stink?

    And, I love getting your inner Puritan in shudder. I'll always hug ya!