Friday, July 22, 2011

The Friday Five

Five things you may or may not know about author, Erica Vetsch

1. I first met Erica (7 years ago) in a chatroom for fanfiction writers of the 1960's television show The Big Valley. She liked Nick. I dared her to use a signature tag of Heath I had made for her as a joke. She said if she used the tag, I had to write a story.  I never thought she would use the tag in a public forum. I lost the bet.

2. Her favorite blend of tea is Earl Grey.

3. Erica fancies tarty red nail polish. The tartier the better.

4. She hates fish. Even tuna! Calls it Pookie food. (Her cat's name is Pookie). The smell of it makes her nauseous. (The smell of fish, not Pookie) Makes me wonder, if she ever comes to Boston (seafood capital of the world) what fine dining establishment we can go to? I suppose there's always McDonald's.

5.  Erica had to reprimand her young son when he played Tarzan, tried swinging on the curtains in his room, and pulled the curtain rod from the wall. Made me glad I was raising girls.

Erica Vetsch lives in Minnesota where the weather isn't too good for sledding right now.  She writes historical romances. You can visit Erica at her blog On The Write Path (She's doing her Friday Five about me) or at her website


  1. Thanks for the fun interview. I remember watching Big Valley when I was a kid. My younger sisters would act out the episodes later.

    Love the tarty red nail polish. =)

  2. Oh I love Big Valley and I have a sister named Audra...named after the one on BV. And Heath....sigh...dreamy, huh?
    It sounds like you and Erica have formed a fast and true friendship! I love that!

  3. :D This was too much fun.

    And I wouldn't mind a trip to McDonalds with you. :)

  4. That is cool how you and Erica met and stuck. Yay for friendships!