Friday, July 1, 2011

The Friday Five

This week I taught a calligraphy class for a children's summer recreation program. Classes were held at a middle school. School has changed a lot since I plunked my butt at a desk. Five changes that made me feel like a dinosuar.

1. The school was built three years ago. The facade looks more like a hotel than a school building.

2. Classroom lights are on a motion detector.

3. No blackboard in the class or a chalkboard. I usually demonstrate the letters using the side of a piece of chalk. I had to improvise on a white board using two dry erase markers held together with an elastic.

4. The toilets in the girls' lavatory autoflush. That made me jump!

5. The children don't go to the library. They go to the media center.

Anything happen to you this week that made you feel like you were past your sell by date?


  1. Sell by date - that's funny, kind of.

    Does having a major birthday count?