Monday, March 25, 2013

Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime, Which One?

I've reached the end of the Netflix trial period. I'm not sure if I want to sign up. Netflix has been great, don't get me wrong. Himself has enjoyed Deep Space Nine, I've loved watching my favorite  Doctor Who episodes and the girlies have enjoyed their favorite anime. But...

I'm disappointed with the lack of old movies. I did a search for Spencer Tracy. I love Spence. He made acting look effortless. The only movie that came up on the search was The Mountain. It's an ok flick, but not nearly one of Spence's best. Out of all Spence's movies I couldn't figure out why this one was the only one listed. Why not some of his best? Inherit the Wind, Judgement at Nuremberg (a two-fer for me as my beloved Richard Widmark is also in the film), Broken Lance (a three-fer with Richard Widmark and Robert Wagner), Father of the Bride (so much better than the remake).

So, I don't know what to do. Does Amazon Prime have a better selection of old movies? Are any of the other services like Hulu any better?


  1. As an old movie junkie I am disappointed by what Netflix offers, but that's why I belong to ClassicFlix-- unfortunately they don't do streaming-- just the old fashioned DVDs mailed to you-- but there selection is remarkable.

    I have been with Netflix since nearly the beginning, however, and they do have a lot of great foreign films, silents and TV episodes from shows like Kolchak, Columbo and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The other day I had a Mission Impossible/Dragnet/Hawaii Five O marathon in the studio and it was fun to see the old classics.

    At $8 a month for streaming-- that's $2 a week-- I think its well worth it.

  2. That’s the reason I stick with Cable, I couldn’t live without TCM! B&W movies rule! LOL (Let me know what suggestions you get.)

  3. I did a search in Amazon for Spencer Tracy. Then in the left column on the side, I filtered it to only show Instant Videos and Prime Eligible (free). It came up with 4 Spencer Tracey movies. Here is the link:

    I have enjoyed Amazon Prime so far...and the free 2 day shipping on Prime Eligible products. :)

  4. Thanks for the search, Sherrinda. Better than what Neflix offers, but still not enough.

    I think I'll follow Andy's advice and stick with Netflix. Would hate to switch to Amazon and find everyone's fave shows weren't available. Since most of the time when I purchase from Amazon my order qualifies for free regular shipping. I don't mind the wait.