Monday, July 10, 2017

Impulse Buy

I know. I know. I wasn't going to buy anything unless I absotively needed it. I stopped in Michael's to pick up a few sheets of translucent paper for a project I'm working on. I should have just passed by the bargain bins by the checkout. But no, I began to peek and poke. This adorable 4 set kitty rubber stamp set jumped out at me because of the "check meowt" phrase. Meowt was one of the words Ink could say when he wanted to go outside to the sunroom or the front porch. Either way, crazy cat lady bait. And of course, I needed the small, black stamp pad in the bin below the rubber stamps.

So I tried them out on a scrap of Diploma parchment. The kitty face is actually a tabby face, but I colored it in to look like my Ink using Towbow brush markers. Maybe shrunk down (it's about 3/4 inch), it would make a good chop for signing artwork. I was a little too industrious stamping the phrase and the little paw print blurred. I did like the "R U Kitten Me?" I use a similar "itten" phrase. 😼 The little mouse looks like the felt toy mice with the leather tail Ink liked to play with. The toy mice were the only kitty toys Ink ever played with. He liked to chew the tails to bits.

Do you pass by the bargain bins?


  1. This is truly adorable. You did great. You can kitten me any day.

    And you ask the Queen of Free if she passes the bargain bins? I never buy anything retail. If it's not on sale, I use a coupon. So, the bargain bin, which they put right up front, is always a magnet for me.

  2. I would have stopped and bought this too. I'm with you about the check meowt. I am a sucker for those mark down bins. NICE find. :) Happy Monday.

  3. Aww, you couldn't pass up that. I don't stamp and I would have had to get it:)

    1. I don't do a lot of stamping, but couldn't resist this.

  4. So cute! Bargin bins are hard to walk by! LOL!

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