Monday, August 16, 2021

Other Wives Get Flowers


I got a machete!

Okay, just so you don't think Himself is a ghoul, a conversation might have gone like this after I complained about the difficulty I was having clearing some brush.

Me: "I probably need bigger clippers or something to hack through that jungle.

Himself: Or a machete.

Me: Yeah, that would probably work, too.

I laughed when he brought it home. 

Me: Other wives get flowers.

Himself: You didn't ask for flowers. You asked for a machete. You can't say I don't give you your heart's desire when you ask for something and if I can afford it.


  1. I like that machete and could use one for some weeds myself. Smile. I think it's a great gift. I wonder if I should mention it also and maybe the hubby will get me one also. Happy new week!

    1. If there's a Harbor Freight Tools near you, Himself picked up the machete for $5. It's 18 in. long.

  2. I love a man who breaks convention! He's a keeper for sure! :D (Just be careful!)

  3. CJ; he's got cha there !!

    I'm remembering the line from the crocodile dundee movie; "that's not a knife..."


  4. LOL! I think that's great :)

    All the best Jan

  5. You also can not say that he doesn't LISTEN to you when you speak! LOL!! Excellent!

  6. That's a far better gift and it won't die like flowers soon do!