Saturday, February 14, 2009


Seven things that have happened this week during the bathroom remodel.

1. I feel funny about eating or drinking while the crew is here. I have issues about eating in front of strangers and it's not polite to eat in front of others . Besides eating and drinking leads to another problem.

2. I can hold water for six hours. If I time it right, I can make a trip to Target or to Barnes and Noble before I have to pick The Young One Up at school. No way would I even entertain the idea of using the portopotty outside.

3. The carpenter is a better housekeeper than I am. He's been the last to leave so his last task is to clean up. I miss him on days he's not here.

4. The bathroom was prepped and ready to have the walls closed up. Yup, neat, clean except for piles of sawdust, chunks of wallboard and busted tile that were in the stud bays. I know it's a guy thing not to be concerned after all, the studs will be covered with wallboard. Nobody would know, see or care. Except me. It bothered me to know what was going to be behind the walls. I spent a happy hour with my shop vac, Patterson, vaccing up the debris. Can we say anal, boys and girls? I found a pile of razor blades that must have come from the original owner's old medicine cabinet.

5. I got to eavesdrop on conversations giving an insight into the romantic male mind.

"You doing anything special tomorrow?"


"You're not going to give her breakfast in bed or anything like that?"


6. The plasterer had been working hard on the hall wall. He left to go out to his truck and I took a peek to see what he had done. Had to fight the urge not to write my name in the wet plaster. All that beautiful white space just begging to be filled with graffiti.

7. I was sitting at the computer in the dining room and decided to go get a second cup of tea. (I still had 4 hours before I had to worry about that second cup). As I went into the kitchen, there were a pair of pants on the floor! Pants that didn't belong to me or to Himself. Seems plastering is a filthy business so the plasterer brought a change of work clothes.
What was your week like?

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  1. I would have SO written my name! When I paint, I always paint my name! Same concept, right?