Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 14

Another busy day for the carpenter and his helper.

The sidewalls of the shower were installed and braced.

The floor was grouted with a dark blue grout called Starry Night.

The opening to the attic access was widened and the door installed.

The braces for the shower wall were removed. The carpenter had me mark where I wanted the corner shelves installed.

After the carpenter finished sweeping up, he put the shower curtain up for me. We have a beautiful working shower! The shower seat and the grab bars still need to be added, but we can now use the shower.

But the joy of joys, the toilet was put back! Running to Prissy's or Target or spending the night at a motel just can't compare with having one's own pot to pee in.


  1. Yay for progress and no more camping out at the Hotel. I know you've had some slight inconvenience with this remodel, but when lousy internet access at a hotel interferes with nightly chat time, THAT's a major problem! LOL

  2. dang... I can't stop checking. I'm addicted to your progress reports. Who wouldn't be excited for you?