Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 8,9,10

Many years ago, when I was a computer programmer in a former life, I worked for a data management company programming form letters. Junk mail. Mostly for fraternity/sorority college gift giving.

We had a short meeting every morning called Shove. Shove was basically confession. You told the manager what was in your queue that you were working on, what you were having problems with, if you weren't given the proper tape to use, or if you had no work.

The manager went to a weekly meeting called Push. Confession. The manager was Pushed and we were Shoved.

The beginning of this week reminded me of Push and Shove.

We had a meeting Monday morning with the contractor. I had a list of things:

We found some decorative tiles at one place. We found the floor tiles at another. There was a two day lead time for the floor tiles. We didn't pick out a marble threshold. The thermostat will be blocked by the cabinets and needs to be moved down. The correct shower wall kit needs to be re-ordered and the other returned.

I ticked items off my list. The contractor wrote on his.

Later that night, the contractor sent an email. The floor tile was ordered and should arrive by Wed. The decorative tiles and white field tile will take two weeks to come in. The threshold was picked out by the owner at the place where the floor tiles were ordered. White Carrera marble with grey veining. The electrician will move the thermostat when he installs the under floor heat mat.

Since the work revolved around having the tile and shower panels, we had some free time. No work crew on Tuesday so I took my mother grocery shopping. No work crew on Wednesday, The Young One and I enjoyed sleeping in on this vacation week. I baked Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns.

Another day, another round of updates.

The floor tile was picked up and brought to the office. The assistant production manager would deliver the tile on Thurs. The shower walls would be delivered on Thurs. too. If at all possible, the carpenter would arrive on Friday to install the shower walls. The cabinets are built, being sprayed and will be delivered on Tues.

As the contractor stated, "we're off to the races." How refreshing this time around to be kept in the loop and updated. No flimsy excuses.

While moving piles in the studio in what is euphemistically called cleaning, I came across this little piece. I did this a long time ago in class. It might have been Lambie's second calligraphy class. So a very long time ago. We were playing with rubber stamps and matt board scraps and Lambie had this Greek statue rubber stamp that was quite popular in the class. I stuck it up on the wall outside the bathroom. Seemed rather fitting.


  1. LOL! Very the workmen love it.

  2. I love living in your mind...