Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In

First, if you haven't already done so, you should drop by On The Write Path to congratulate Erica on her weight loss progress. Applause, applause, Erica.

Do you remember the Avis car rental ads? Their "We try harder" slogan? That's not me. I'm number 3, I'm not trying at all.

I think the weight drop is on hold until after the bathroom is done.


  1. You'll NEVER be number three... NEVER.

    Breaks are fine.

  2. Here's how I'm looking at my weight loss journey *this* time around... I've lost weight in the past but always derailed when something big would happen, like holidays or renovations. Now I need to learn how to get thru those and get back on the rails. It's like a graduate program.

  3. Thanks for the props!

    But you're doing great! Don't worry. The renovations will be done soon. If we lived closer we'd get healthclub memberships together and walk on the treads side-by-side.

    We're doing this together.

    And WE look fabulous!

  4. Hey CJ, I've nominated you for an award, to find out why go to my blog :o)

    Love Poppie xxx