Sunday, February 15, 2009

Worth The Wait

Alesia sponsored a contest for National Handwriting Day (24. January). And I won a prize! LOL Alesia was kind enough to award a prize to all who left a blog comment for that day.

Today, the prize arrived. A wicked, cool, pen. And not just any ol' pen, but it lights up and it has Al's name and business URL , Alesia Zorn Calligraphy

Al, it was so worth the wait! I love the color and the weight and balance are just right. Writes nicely too. Danke.



    What a very cool picture! I'm glad you like the pen. I'm still waiting for Erica's address so I can mail hers! After this pic I'm sure I'll hear from her!

  2. I may not be an artist like you all, but I love a good pen and share your enthusiasm for one. (I got a new fountain pen from Silke in November and LOVE it for the same reasons.)

    (Hey, verification is back?)

  3. Yeah, Nutter, verification is back. I got spammed early this morning.

  4. cool! James would think that was so cool!