Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Growing up, I didn't resemble anyone in the family. I was lighter in complexion and everyone in the family had black hair and dark brown eyes. My hair was a warm brown (it turned darker as I got older and now it's greying!) and my eyes Hershey bar brown with gold flecks. Until I was four or five my hair was blonde and my eyes blue! Unheard of in my Italian family so I was teased. I was the milkman's kid.

While cleaning out my Dad's home office (aka The Attic), I came across a photograph. It's not labeled, but I'm pretty sure this is a picture of my paternal grandmother. I did not know her growing up as she had passed shortly after I was born.  Her real name was Raphaella but when she came to this country at the age of 16 it was shortened to Fanny.

What surprised me about the photograph was the strong resemblance I bear to her right down to the glasses. Same shape face, same Goddess shape, and even though her hair was probably pulled back into a bun, the hairline is the same. She is probably the same age in the photograph as I am now. I'm no longer the milkman's kid.

Do you resemble anyone in your family or are you a milkman's kid?


  1. I love the goddess shape! LOL

    I too resemble my paternal grandmother...to the point that when I first saw a photograph of her, I wondered for an instant where I'd gotten such an old fashioned dress and where I'd had a B&W photo taken.

  2. The goddess shape - love it!

    I've always looked like my mom, so I've been told.

  3. I too am the paternal grandmother look-a-like. When I was born they said I looked like her and I see the strong resemblance as I age. I have walked into a crowd of my parent's friends and been singled out as Bill's daughter, even though I did not know any of them. So I guess my Dad looked a lot like his Mom as well. It isn't necessarily a good thing! but I know I wasn't the milkman's daughter!