Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Amazing Adventure

The Young One and 3 of her classmates were chosen to travel to Silicon Valley for their MQP (Major Qualifying Project- the big project necessary to graduate) There are actually 20 students selected for a Silicon Valley Project. The students will be interning for various companies. A huge opportunity for all.

The Young One and her buddies will be interning for Disney Interactive, the computer game and entertainment side of the company.  They will spend 2 weeks of their winter break plus the 7 weeks of C term, working under a Disney mentor. Their job is to pitch and develop two casual computer games. (Casual games are games like Tetris, Angry Birds, Candy Crush) Disney may or may not produce what the students come up with.

The students were to arrive on Sunday. They would be housed in an executive apartment complex near a CalTrain rail station so they could commute to their workplaces. Their work week would begin on Tuesday.

The Young One worked two jobs to pay for the trip herself  She was all packed and ready to go last Sunday when JetBlue cancelled her flight due to the storm on the East Coast, storm in the midWest, and poor planning about new FAA regulations concerning turn around time for pilots and flight crew.  Her buddy and two other students going to two other companies were on  the same flight. An hour on hold later and the earliest JetBlue could get her to the West Coast was Friday. At the beginning of the week, other airlines weren't moving and then tickets for a one way flight were between $1000 and $2000. Coach! Way out of The Young One's budget.

Fortunately, the Disney mentor was understanding and gave the Young One and her buddy their assignment. They were able to telecommute and didn't miss out too much.

Friday's flight though ungawdly early (had to be at the airport by 5:30 am.) went off without a hitch. They arrived by noon at the apartment complex and were able to catch a train and report to work to begin their amazing adventure.


  1. How exciting! I bet she'll have the time of her life! Yay for the Young One!