Friday, June 13, 2008

Painting the Roses Red

The roses returned. Sort of. Himself had given me 4 different rose bushes, a white, a white with red/dark pink on the tips of the flower, a yellow, and a flame. Winter came cold and bitter and it took a toll on the roses. Last year, the rose garden would have been a favorite of Morticia Addams. Not a single rose or leaf bloomed just dead canes. We didn't get a chance to clean them up and remove them. Just left the bushes dead, dead, dead.

I was walking around the yard and was surprised to see the rose bushes a riot of growth. Not only tall canes, but leaves and roses. Lots and lots of roses and buds. Except the roses aren't the fancy variety, but the stock the fancy variety was grafted onto. The fancy roses are all gone. All 4 rose bushes are filled with velvety, red blooms. A rose garden to make the Red Queen smile, and we didn't have to paint the roses red.


  1. So pretty... I love roses, just can't ever get them to grow! Congrats!

  2. I love roses, but they are too fussy to live in my climate. I love the red ones best. Take a picture for me of the bushes, please? :D

  3. Ah now that's what sometimes happens when you leave nature to it's own devices LOL! - the rose is beautiful btw!

    from Lee