Saturday, June 21, 2008


Taken from Erica's Friday Five, seven famous Massachusetts historical landmarks

1. The Minuteman Statue on the Lexington Green

2. From the statue to the box of frozen fish, The Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial

3. Plymouth Rock

4. The Old Statehouse

5. The new state house, built in 1795 designed by Charles Bullfinch

6. My favorite place in the city of Boston, The Boston Public Garden and the swan boats

7. The new John Hancock tower, known as the plywood skyscraper when it was first constructed in 1976. For the longest time, a top row of windows was covered with plywood because the glass would blow out of the building to the street below. It had a fabulous observation deck but sadly since 9/11, the observation deck has been closed.

This list doesn't even scratch the surface of nearly 400 years of history. Sunflower, you'll have to plan a long visit to see stuff or plan to move here.


  1. There was a comedian the other night who was teasing the North East. He said they find some way to make EVERYTHING a famous stop! *grin* You get all the relics, we'll take the lakes, beauty and adventure. However, that being said, I AM looking very much forward to my trip next summer (How's July work?).. It isn't simply about the tat.