Monday, June 9, 2008

The Dollhouse

Early summer heat is making the petunias and dahlias in the pots pop. The snowball bushes didn't get a Fall trim and look more like avalanche bushes. The pansies in the hanging pot need to be watered twice a day or the poor things wilt. Dido stands guard by the hydrangea bush. No flowers, but lots of leaves.

When the flowers in the rail boxes start to bloom, and I've done a bit of weeding, I'll take close ups. (-;


  1. Sun?
    Flowers not drown?

    COOL... bring on those pictures... You don't want to see my poor drenched flower boxes!

  2. Lovely pic CJ.

    Maybe the weather is at extremes across the world.

    June is the start of winter here, but it's been freezing cold, rainy and stormy for quite a while.

    Our summer this year was also odd.

    Good luck with the gardens!

    from Lee

  3. The Dollhouse is lovely. Have you had any success with the Gargoyle Relocation Program? Did would love a friend. :)