Saturday, June 7, 2008


Sevens things I hate about clothes shopping:

1. All of the dresses and pants are sized for women who must be 10 feet tall. They are not sized for women who are tall for Hobbits.

2. Clothes made in foreign countries where a size 2 is considered XL.

3. Items on the sales rack not sorted by size and item (i.e. all the same size blouses or slacks together) I want to get in an out of the store as quickly as possible. The thrill of the hunt doesn't do anything for me.

4. Stores advertising the Biggest Sale of the Season at least twice a week. If an item is 50% off but the store has a sale every day then the 50 percent off price becomes the original sale price. So where's the savings?

5. Dressing rooms with trifold mirrors. I don't want to see how big my butt really is.

6. Clothing with size tickets but not price. If the store doesn't see fit to put a price on the item, then the item should be free. I shouldn't have to wait in line at the register for a supervisor to send a runner to do a price check.

7. Lycra or spandex added to 100% cotton. If something has been added to the cotton it is no longer 100%. Lycra or spandex belong in underwear not in blouses, jeans, or tee shirts. I don't need to feel like sausage in casing. If I want that feeling every day, I'll wear pantihose.

What about you? Do you enjoy shopping for clothes?


  1. One thing I would add to your list--having summer clearance sales the first week of June, or the beginning of whatever season it is.

  2. I don't like clothes shopping, or any shopping really. I don't shop for recreation. I have something I need to get, and I go get it. :)

  3. I love shopping for clothes, the click of the mouse is music to my ears :-)

  4. I used to hate clothes shopping, but I must say, Now I'm addicted to it! Sorry... Although I do dislike many of the things you pointed out. To the height issue, it's NOT 10 ft. It's 5'6... Always just a titch too short for me!

  5. yep I can relate to your post.
    RE: The 'fashion seasons' - It seems absurd to be buying winter woolies well before summer ends and vise versa, especially here in Oz.

    Thanks for your great comments on my blogs.

    Best Wishes
    from Lee