Sunday, March 2, 2014

Worcester Incubator for Innovation

Yesterday was the first workshop for the Art of Science Learning Worcester Incubator for Innovation, a year long project.

From the welcome letter from the director: Welcome Art of Science Learning Fellows, You have been selected from a field of remarkably talented, interesting, and diverse background to pilot an innovation curriculum that links the arts with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning. Coupled with the cutting-edge program, your collective creativity, aptitudes, abilities, and new-found knowledge will focus on the challenge of developing inventive transportation solutions in Worcester.

There are a hundred fellows and after the introduction, we were divided into groups for our first challenge. We were given a box of "stuff": Styrofoam shapes, clay, sticky notes, markers, crayons, dowels, pipe cleaners, tape, magazines. We had to use the materials to model what innovation meant to us, as a team. This technique was called metaphorming. I'm not sure my group accomplished this, but working with the materials was a great ice-breaker for a cooperative task.


  1. Very cool, CJ. Our school is calling it STEAM, since the arts are included.

    1. As someone who majored in Liberal Arts, it bothered me that the arts was left out of the equation. Hopefully, that is changing.

  2. Maybe I'm just being dumb here.......what is this for/about? :-\