Friday, March 21, 2014

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week

1. Had The Brother and his wife over for St. Patrick's Day. Was the first family event I've hosted in three years. Good food, good company.

2. The snow has melted enough that I can take a walk around my block. The Young One told me of comedian, John Pinette's mantra he used during his exercise routine. I find myself keeping time to, "Ravioli and a nap. Ravioli and a nap." (Pinette was in Himself's math class when Himself taught at Malden Catholic High School in the early 1980s)

3. We went to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I loved that cartoon as a kid and the movie didn't disappoint. Not only did we have the theater to ourselves, but there were lots of bad puns.

4. Yesterday, was the Vernal Equinox. Snow still on the ground and the temps are still cold, but hope Springs eternal that the warmer weather will arrive before July.

5. During the Winter term, the Young One was stressed out with the MQP she's been working on. Classes started this week and all her classes assigned a large amount of work due the second class meeting. The same day, her team has to turn in their 30-60 page MQP paper. A week or so ago, I ordered the Doctor Who Adipose stress toy for her (and one for me). He arrived on Tuesday and made her laugh a little of the stress away.

How was your week?


  1. I'm stealing your mantra! I was able to take a walk yesterday too, and it felt so good to breath fresh air for fifteen minutes. Can't wait for spring! My son wants to see the Peabody movie. I'm looking forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Pinette's "raviolis and a nap" is a good cadence to help you keep time as you walk. Also to make you hungry. If you love bad puns as much as I do, you'll love the Peabody movie. Otherwise, you'll groan through it like Himself did.

  2. There's no way I could drag the HH to Peabody and Sherman. But I sure remember the episodes:) What a nice way to spend St Pat's day.