Sunday, March 9, 2014

There And Back Again

The Young One's quarter term in California has ended. Tonight, she will be flying back home.She had a wonderful experience on the West Coast. Some good. Some not so good.

She enjoyed working at Disney Interactive. She liked the Mentor that was assigned to her team. She loved the project they were given. The Young One's team surpassed the Mentor's expectations.  She learned how to get the work done with team members who do not play well or work well with others. She learned stress not only effects one mentally, but physically. She learned how to deal with roommates who were not welcoming. She learned it's probably best to leave home when you have the means to support yourself so you do not have to rely on roommates who leave their piles of dirty dishes in the sink, and rotting food on the counters, and on the floor for you to clean when it is time to vacate the apartment.

The work experience was well worth the time and money. She could have done without the social or lack there of experiences. Sadly, it does not look like any job offers will be coming any time soon as The Mentor and his team were laid off from Disney Interactive  (1/4 of the staff was laid off) on Thursday. Another valuable real life lesson learned. The nature of her industry (computer gaming) is not secure. The Mentor told the kids the industry operates in feast or famine mode.

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  1. That's great/too bad all at the same time, just like life. Glad she had a good experience....mostly.