Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Answer Is...

The tag on email sent from my iPad asks, "Is it July, yet?" A friend in a warmer clime, sent back a cheerful "Spring is just around the corner. Does this help?" Yes, thanks for thinking of me, but with another storm due last night and into this morning, where the initial onslaught is heavy rain (pray there's no flooding in the basement) and then temperatures in the early morning hours are expected to drop rapidly causing a flash freeze (at least there will be no water in the basement today) and the towns and cities have already exhausted their snow removal budgets and there is little or no salt to be found for taking care of the roads and sanding doesn't really cut it. The hobbits have summed it up nicely.


  1. Bwahahahaha! That is hilarious! And soooo appropriate!

  2. I'm sorry....she says hanging her head in shame.... I thought I was being optimistic..... ;)

    1. Now, now. It's not your fault. You were being optimistic. You've been living down South for so long, you forgot what it's like in upstate New York (-;