Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 13

Carpenter and helper arrived bright and early and got right to work. Today's project was to lay the tile floor, put up the shower walls, and cut the attic access for the Televator, the retractable ladder. Plastic was put up to keep the dust to a minimum.

When the guys went outside to cut tile, I snuck a quick pic of what was going on. First course of tile measured and laid out. When I asked why a full tile wasn't used along the wall, the carpenter, doubling as the tile man, said it was so a full tile would be seen from the threshold to the other end of the bathroom. Makes sense.

He also had the back shower wall braced. Looks like something out of Mission Impossible.

Opening for the Televator

Tile floor finished. I can hardly wait to see the floor cleaned up and grouted.
Since we wouldn't be able to walk on the tile and the toilet is reclining in the sunroom, The Little Princess made reservations and packed everyone up and moved to the EconoLodge for the night. No way was she going to brave the cold, dark, night to use the necessary outside. No, thank you. So for one night, we are on vacation. The little fridge is stocked with tonic (soda), we ordered subs, and from Target we bought goodies: chips, Cheez-Its and Hostess chocolate cupcakes with the white squiggle.


  1. LOVE hostess cupcakes! How do you eat yours? I peel the frosting off... try and eat the squiggle sep. (I didn't wanna see the pictures, but I HAD too! Darn it!)

    Enjoy the vacation!

  2. Peeling the frosting and eating it first is the only way to eat the cupcake. I've been dying for Hostess cupcakes.

  3. Love the will be so beautiful when it's all finished.

  4. The blue tile is beautiful! How fun to see it coming along so quickly. Good excuse for a mini vacation.