Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 7

Today the toilet was once again disconnected and removed and walls went up. Real walls. I thought wallboard would just be banged up and called good. After all, the bathroom walls will be tiled. I was wrong, after the wallboard was put up and the joints taped, plaster was applied. Not only plaster walls, but the plasterer matched the scrolled ceiling in the hall. Isn't it beautiful?

The assistant production manager stopped by an hour after the plasterer left to put the bathroom back together so we wouldn't be stranded. The toilet was reinstalled and he put plastic up so we could use the shower. He even hung the shower curtain up for me.

There are couple of design issues to resolve. The thermostat box for the radiant heat will be behind the cabinets so it needs to be moved down a few inches. A shame they will have to cut a hole in the beautiful wall. The hole where the box is can be patched and will be covered by the cabinets.

The shower wall panels sent were not the complete shower wall kit so will need to be returned and the correct kit re-ordered.
Floor, wall tile,decorative tiles, and grout colors need to be picked out and ordered.

The bathroom looks like a real room and has lost that rustic, outhouse charm.

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