Monday, December 25, 2017

If Mrs. Claus Needed An Interior Decorator

She would hire my friend, Lambie. Lambie has such a knack for decorating especially at Christmas, so I was thrilled when she invited me to her house for Christmas tea.

I haven't seen Lambie for quite some time as she went to school to become a massage therapist. If you're in the area, book an appointment for a relaxing massage. Maple Edge Massage. 

I also wanted to bring Lambie a little hostess gift. Lambie spins, weaves, knits. Used to raise her own sheep. Hence, my nickname for her. I found a cute, little lamb applique that used a new to me bobble stitch.

 A dry run to see if the lambie could hold a teacup. It works!

Lambie lives in a large, log cabin home in the middle of the woods. This is the Welcome sign that greets guests. Everywhere you look you will see lambs.

In the foyer, a glass case filled with village houses and my feet.

This country Santa was begging for a hug.

One side of the great room.

The other side has the magnificent Christmas tree. This year's tree was on the small side only 13 feet tall instead of 20 feet tall. Trees this size are so heavy, Lambie's husband has a pulley system to raise the tree and to anchor it so it won't fall over. This year's tree though not as tall was extremely wide. Lambie's husband, had to remove  the back French doors from their hinges  so the tree could fit through.

Every where you look there are all sorts of decorations.

And a tree in each room. This tree is  in the breakfast nook which divides the great room from the kitchen and main house. 

The island in the kitchen serves as the buffet for Lambie's neighborhood and family parties. I love how she uses the old sled as a server.

The other side of the nook looking towards the great room.

The fireplace in the great room is beautifully decorated with white lights and poinsettia. I was especially charmed by the little white lamb, sound asleep.

My mug of tea and treats on the coffee table Lambie made from an old door. Lambie is an exceptionally good cook. She even makes her own marshmallows. Heaven in your mouth.

The newest addition to the family is Laila, a dog Lambie rescued. She was well-behaved (for a dog =^,.^=) She has pretty, soulful, dark brown eyes. Lambie describes Laila's eyes as teddy bear button eyes.

A candle in a front window. I really liked the shape of the flame. Very unusual.

A spinning wheel

An antique loom.

The upside down Christmas tree in the dining room. Each Christmas tree has a theme. This one is sheep.

The mantle in the dining room and stockings hung on the railings to upstairs

Santa (I forget which room)

Teddy is the greeter and also bids you good day. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  1. What a fantastic visit you had with your friend, she has a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Love the lamb coasters, great idea. Enjoy your day, hugs, Valerie

    1. Her place is always beautiful. Like pages from a magazine, but especially at Christmas

  2. Oh wow i am in love with your friend's space. I had seen on the news this week about the upside down trees-those are fun-and hers filled with sheep-loving it!
    thanks so much for sharing-i am in love viewing homes like hers
    Merry Christmas

    1. Oh does she use her wood cookstove? that was always on my want list-and loving her vintage loom too

    2. the upside down trees are fun. We had one that stayed up all year. During the year, I kept the picture ornaments of the girlies through their growing up years. At Christmas, we hung the good ornaments on it so Ink wouldn't get at them. The tree had to come down when the mini-splits were put in.

      She uses the wood stove to heat with, usually. I've never seen her cook on it. In her kitchen she has a a professional gas oven with a million burners. Yeah, she does that much cooking.

    3. I love wood heat we only heated with wood here til about 2 years ago due to hubs health--thanks for sharing

  3. Replies
    1. I know. She begins decorating the day after Thanksgiving and it takes something like 3 days to decorate the whole house.

  4. What a fabulous way to spend Christmas. It was a beautiful place and I enjoyed every room and every beautiful tree.

    Thank you for taking us to Lambie's for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your tea and the lamb coasters, too. It was a memorable post and filled with Christmas cheer, dear. And of course, thanks for sharing this with us at T this nearly Tuesday.

    1. Lambie's house is always a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. You end up leaving your cares at the door.

  5. I adore the gift you brought her.
    Wow! Lambie's house is gorgeous!
    the tree is beyond amazing:)
    thank you for sharing the photos.

    1. I know! Her house always looks like it's from the pages of Better Homes and Garden

  6. Wow!! Truly magical, peaceful and cozy!! Thanks for sharing your friend's house CJ!! Love!!!
    I also love what you made her! So cute!
    Big Hugs!

    1. There's always a peaceful aura at Lambie's house.