Monday, September 20, 2021

Happy Mail


Happy mail from Nan to brighten the boring Saturday mail of flyers and store circulars.  Nan wrote my name in the style of the Mystery Message letters. And look the stamp didn't get cancelled and no one dragged an ugly Sharpie marker through the stamp.

On the back of the envelope, a pretty butterfly stamp to seal the envelope close and on the back a light orange mark from the cancellator.

Inside an intricately folded note

The back

Opened up to find another

Folded note

Hello, Friend
May good things unfold for you

And not to forget the blue envelope with pretty blue Washi tape

Another note

Thee point of a 
maze is to find it's 
center. The point of a labyrinth is
to find your
center. As you
start to walk
out on the way
the way

Nan, thank you so much for this delightful surprise. It was so fun to keep opening up the folds to find another surprise. 


  1. Awww, this is wonderful!!! Wise, too. Thank you for the smile :-)
    (Tomorrow is "pay-back-day", btw!)

  2. That is a really fun card from Nan. I love all the folding. Reminds me of those (what do you call them?) little paper games we used to make as kids. Happy new week!

  3. Gorgeous card from Nan, she always makes wonderful and intricate designs. So much nicer than the usual post! Have a great day, take care, Valerie

  4. Very, very cool gift from your frind!! Love what it said inside, too!

  5. Happy mail AND it's a puzzle??? Lucky you! :D

  6. WOW. What an amazing happy mail you got. LOVE it and the way Nan wrote your name on the envelope, too. Awesomely awesome.

  7. So clever. Your friend will be surprised.

    1. My friend is the clever one. She sent the card to me. Not from me to her.

  8. That is lovely happy mail :)

    All the best Jan