Sunday, October 10, 2021

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Blogger does like a backwards story.

Jalapeño peppers turning red. Does that mean they are really, really hot?

Little, green, bell peppers

A nice crop of Midnight Snacking Tomatoes not quite ripe

The hydrangeas look just as pretty when the blossoms pass

Fall leaves looking up the street

and down. A couple of weeks behind where we normally are at this time of year. I think the leaves look a bit dull. Too much rain, heat, and humidity. Not enough sun and chilly nights.

A red sea of maple leaves


Petunias still making a show

Audrey 2 still taking over the greenhouse

Her leaves are covered with mildew, but she's still producing flowers

Last of the cherry tomatoes though Timex (chipmunk) was sitting on the edge of the tub and licking his lips.

Some backyard color

Himself's twig

Milkweed seeds

The Halloween flag I forgot to take a picture of last week

Flowers at the mailbox look more like Spring than Fall

Tiny, Tiny Bunny having lunch

The rain gauge is working again. Rain totals Monday and Tuesday were close to 2 inches of rain.

Tiny bunny staying warm under the air circulator vent 

How does your garden grow?


  1. That bunny is clever to find a warm spot! Your garden is looking good. Blogger really does like backward stories. Reggolb would be a good name. Have a nice Sunday, Valerie

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Himself has never bought red ones before just yellow.

  3. Your peppers look good. We don't get rabbits on the patio, so it's such fun to see yours. We're having unseasonably warm weather here with highs in the upper 80s... 89 predicted for today. I love your Halloween flag.

    1. We're supposed to get your warm weather mid-week though temps will only be mid-70s. I'll take it!

  4. Your colors look like ours. Not quite there yet, but really starting to turn. I think when peppers get red they have more sugar in them, not making them sweet though, just have a higher sugar content. But I don't know. Let us know when you try those jalapenos. Happy Sunday!

  5. I think your garden is looking good.
    I like your Halloween flag.

    All the best Jan

  6. Your bell peppers look good, but those jalapenos look HOT! You are so lucky to have cherry tomatoes, too.

    Love the looks of those mums. And the mailbox flowers look great, as does your yard. Looks like autumn is starting to arrive where you are. That's a great Halloween sign, too. Your bunnies are adorable, but from personal experience, they can eat you out of house and home. Your garden is still far more productive than mine.

    1. The bunnies have only eaten the morning glories. Himself planted all his veggies in 5 gal. containers, and I don't think the bunnies can reach the plants

  7. i see you're getting color. I love maple leaves in fall. Mostly have a lot of black oak trees around here turning very yellow and then the usual suspects are starting to turn, dogwoods and a few others. not a lot yet.

    1. We're behind where we usually are. This weekend, we would be near peak color.

  8. Our leaves are only just beginning to turn color now. I think the rain was overload and the change in weather too extreme this year for them.

  9. I have never seen that colour of mum before! Beautiful! You've got lots of yummy vegetables!