Thursday, October 28, 2021

Inktober and FrightFall 2021

For this year's challenge I decided to combine two October drawing challenges. Inktober 2021 and Fright-Fall 2021 with the Inktober challenge prompt followed by the Fright-Fall prompt

10/21 Challenge prompts: Fuzzy, Autumn leaves.
A fuzzy leaf is a feather
Micron Pigma pen, watercolor pencil

10/22 Challenge prompts: Open, Bat
Micron Pigma pen, watercolor pencil

10/23 Challenge prompts:  Leak, Seance. I took some liberty with this prompt and used Leek instead.
Micron Pigma Pen, watercolor pencil, Gold Metallic Gelly Roll pen

10/24 Challenge prompt: Extinct, Spider
Micron Pigma Pen, watercolor pencil

10/25 Challenge Prompt Splat, Graveyard
Micron Pigma Pen, graphite, and Dr. P. H. Martin's Bleed Proof White

10/26 Challenge prompts: Connect Frankenstein
Sharpie Pen, watercolor pencil

10/27 Challenge prompts: Spark, Witch or Witch Spark
Sharpie Pen, watercolor pencil, White Gelly Roll pen


  1. These are all fabulous and funny, and beautifully drawn. My fave is the fuzzy leaf / feather. Have a great day, Valerie

  2. These are all so cute and clever. Love them.

  3. Love the first, and... owwww.

    It´s ages ago, we had a BBQ and I brought the plates inside. Later I wanted to do the dishes and there was a bat underneath!!!
    Ingo took the poor fellow and and he/she was strong enough to hang in the tree.
    It was empty next morning. We didn´t find anyone, so reckon all good.

    Leek, no, as spiders, but I´m not allowed to stomp on them!
    Who is the bird, a soul of the passed one?
    Frankenstein looks grumpy ;-)
    Cute ending, too!

  4. These are very clever! ;) Extinct Spider and Splat Graveyard are my favorites LOL

  5. I need about 29 hours in a day to catch up. That's why I am late visiting, which has sort of become my mantra at the moment.

    I love them all, but I laughed so hard at Splat/Graveyard. It had to be my favorite. My second choice is the bats. Great mind, great drawings, great fun.

  6. Thank you all for feeding my ego. 🤠🤠

  7. I really like the blog and I hope people will have a new blog, thanks for the blog


  8. It's fascinating to watch you combine these challenges. Fun!