Sunday, February 18, 2018

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Good morning, Moon.

Is it Spring?

Oy! More snow!

Juncos (Snowbirds) at the feeder.

The path before me and the end of the driveway to shovel by hand. 4 or 5 inches (10.6 - 12.7 cm)  of snow

The mailbox survived another storm.

Little white clouds scudding by

Why are you shoveling the driveway by hand, you're asking.  Yes, that's a red snowblower near the dishwasher. The painters were kind enough to move the portable dishwasher to the driveway for the scrap man to pick up on Sunday.

 Later, I overheard one of the young men saying he didn't know if he had enough gas to get to a gas station. He was riding on fumes and didn't know the area. I told him if there was any gas in the gas can, in the garage he could have it. He was relieved and thankful. And then neither Himself or I remembered to get the gas tank filled for the snow blower  for the predicted storm.  Temperatures were supposed to be mild so the snow would melt quickly. I might not have bothered shoveling except for the scrap man to pick up the dishwasher and the Nephew and his wife coming to pick up a rocking chair. I wasn't sure there was enough gas to snow blow the driveway.

But there was.

And since temperatures mid-week are supposed to get into the high 60s, (15.5 oC.)  maybe even close to 70 oF. (21 oC), I'm not going to brush off my car. I'll wait for the melt.

How does your garden grow?


  1. You definitely got more snow than we did here in our area of PA. I, too, would be VERY happy if the temps would remain in the 60's for the rest of the winter season.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Glad you had enough gasoline to get the job done! Love your art man with hands up in exasperation! Yay for warm weather ☀️🌞😎

  3. That's some temperature change! Enjoy the warmer weather! :)

  4. Love the still looks cold over there. It's cold and frosty here, too, but no snow and plenty of Sun. Hugs, Valerie

    1. Was cold. Temperatures are warming up. Will feel like late Spring come mid-week.

  5. Great minds, etc. etc. I'm writing about the garden tomorrow:)
    Good grief, is there a permanent snow cloud over your house?
    The birds must love that row of restaurants they have to choose from at your place:)

  6. My gardens looks like yours. I am so happy we will probably lose this snow pretty quick with the warm temperatures. Then we'll be ready for the next snowfall. :( This has been one strange winter but better this than all that snow we had a few years back in February. Happy new week. hugs-Erika

  7. It was warmish here yesterday, but today we had a wind advisory. No snow in my area, but some may be forecast for later in the week. I would gladly take some of that moisture off your hands any day! My garden is definitely brown, while yours is white. Love the contrast.

  8. Oh, looking at the first few pictures I was so hopeful that you didn't have snow as I know how much you love it 😉. I hope it melted quickly and you had a warm and cosy weekend! J 😊

  9. We had tones of snow too, but right now, we are getting tones of rain! We are having April temperatures tomorrow and they are calling for flooding! Uggg!! I wish it would just go one way or another!
    Glad you had enough gas for the snow blower! At least your sky is nice and sunny!

  10. I forgot to say, love the moon picture!