Tuesday, March 16, 2021

T Stands for Easter Eggs in Roku Screen Saver

We ditched our cable in favor of a Roku device. Roku has a fun screensaver filled with "Easter eggs", fun surprises from movies. See if you can find my drink reference and:  

 King Kong (Empire State Building and Gorilla)
Sleepless in Seattle (Space Needle)
Jaws (Fishing boat and shark fin)
Titanic (Sinking steamer)
Mars Attacks! (Spaceship over House of Parliament (Big Ben))
Mary Poppins (flying shadow on sky)
Lord of the Rings (Volcano (Mount Doom) + dragon)
Wizard of Oz (Emerald City)
Castaway (Island with palm tree and soccer ball (Wilson))
Spiderman (swinging from Chrysler Building)
Superman (Daily Planet building)
Psycho (Bates Motel / creepy house)
Rear Window (Man with binoculars in barbershop top floors)
Barbershop (Barbershop)
Iron Man (Stark Towers)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (glowing eyes popping out around factory)
Escape From Alcatraz or any Alcatraz movie (Alcatraz Island)
Pirates of the Caribbean or Peter Pan (6 sail boat “Black Pearl” and Kraken)
Dr. Who (Tardis / Call box)
Back to The Future (4 pillar clock building + Hoverboard)
Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters building)
Forrest Gump (Bench and box of chocolates)
Singing In The Rain (street lamp and umbrella)
Christmas Story (leg lamp in 3rd floor window)
Conspiracy Theory (three smokestacks)
The Majestic (Art Deco Theater)
Island at the Top of the World (Crazy Flying Machine / Hyperion Airship)
Mighty Ducks (Diner)
Lady and the Tramp (cafe table)
The Iron Giant (Iron Giant)
Hunt for Red October or submarine movie (Submarine)
Godzilla (giant jawed lizard from water)
Star Wars (That’s no moon in the sky, between Stark Tower and Godzilla)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Devil’s Tower between Stark tower and Godzilla)
Adams Family (house between bistro and movie theater) h/t Lisa Kouli
Smaug and Mount Doom (The Hobbit and LOTR)
The Graduate (a woman's leg with a figure in the background)
West Side Story (Fire Escapes) h/t Robert Laurence Stone
Real life locations that may appear in movies:

The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco
One World Trade Center in NYC
The London Eye (ferris wheel)
The Golden Gate Bridge
The San Francisco Bay Bridge
The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
The Hollywood Sign
Empire State Building

The list came from: Quora

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    1. Indeed! So amazing, your comment came through twice. 😺

  2. The screen saver is great, but just now I'm not able to do anything, I will look again when I am back to normal! Valerie

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    1. Whoever thought of the screensaver was certainly very clever

  4. I need to look for this on Roku. Don't you love it compared to cable? Hope you have a great T day CJ. Hugs-Erika

    1. If you leave your television on, but aren't watching after a certain amount of time when you get back the screensaver should be running

  5. We also got rid of our cable for Roku. Streaming is the new thing but it stinks when the internet is out. At least with cable you could still watch TV with no internet. But I certainly like all the choices available over cable.
    Happy Tea Day,

    1. If there's no electricity, it doesn't matter. You can't get online or watch television. ;)

  6. Cool! Roku is something I've looked at... devices on the shelf when I go to Target. It looks like something we'd like. and I love that screensaver :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

    1. The Roku is fairly inexpensive, easy to set up. We even got a device that you can talk into to search for programs! Lots of good stuff to watch for free. Lots of junk, too. Or things you can subscribe to like Netflix, Prime, and the other premium things.

  7. This is what happens when techies get bored! LOL ;)

  8. This is so cool CJ!!!! Ok, I am not sure about your drink? I saw a bottle and I saw a table with wine glasses. Am I close??? LOL! Have a great day!

    1. Either will do. My drink reference was the soda bottle on the marquee

  9. I thought I saw Three Mile Island. I did find a few other things, too. Of course, I got distracted when I saw Pink Floyd. Scott wants me to get Roku and ditch cable, but I won't get local programs if I give it up. And I love PBS, as well as several other cable shows I watch. Do you get local shows on Roku? Scott wasn't sure.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing screen saver with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. You mean local news? No, you won't be able to get local news, though there is a channel with a local station near you location. It might not be the station you watch.

  10. It's an amped up version of where's Aalto! Cool!

  11. Great! I loved looking for the different movies - fabulous 😁. Is your T Day reference the soda/pop bottle on one of the signs? Thanks for the smiles and Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  12. That is cool! We use Roku sticks for our streaming, and ditched cable almost two years ago. It was a good decision:) Happy T day!

  13. Fun!
    I know nothing about Roku. Sigh. I'm going to have to do some research. I'd love to lose cable.

    1. You can cut the cable in exchange for the Roku device, if there are things you can't live with that you can only get on cable, you could always go back to cable

  14. I think I mentioned before but we have a Roku, one of our sons treated us :)

    All the best Jan

  15. We just got rid of our Roku in favor of the stick. For us the stick is much better. Either way it is better than cable. Have a great evening.

  16. Oh wow, how amazing
    Happy belated T Day
    Jan S

  17. i'll be back in a bit to watch it. i need to check into Roku - .. hmmm.

  18. Fun post! I guessed wrong where drink reference was. LOL. Happy T week!

    1. There were two. The soda bottle on the marquee and the bottle of wine on a table, a reference to Lady and the Tramp