Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Whatcha Doin?


Today and Friday, I'll be "Shipping Up to Boston." But I won't be running from gang members or the police along the East Boston waterfront. Whatcha doin?


  1. I was in my appartement and trying on some new things.
    Have a good time and all the best

  2. Just doin' the same ole same least the temps are more normal! 😊

  3. Today i'll be making my final list for what i'm entering in the stockshow creative arts contest.. and get the entry form turned in.. Turn in of the pieces is Mar 30th.. so i'll spend that time getting them ready.. Its a COLD here... a windy, smoky (from fires up North)cold front has blown in and keeping our temps in the 40's for the day. February has been unusually warm... and dry... Hugs! deb

    1. I was wondering if you were in the path of the fires. Glad to hear you're not.

  4. I went to the dentist today for a cleaning, and my dentist told me she is retiring this fall. Then she told me she is 75. I know you don't know my dentist, but I would never have guessed that. Plus when I went to buy lunch for the hubby and myself, he made a snide comment so I gave him the check (with an attitude) and he ended up paying. :) Hope you're time in Boston goes well.

  5. It was shopping day today.
    Managed to get everything on my list.
    Rewarded myself with a cuppa :)

    All the best Jan