Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I guess it's either too early or too late, but I don't get it. I know once I get it, I'll "LIKE" it.

    1. Most likely, you've never heard a Boston accent. We drop the letter "r" and replace it with "ah". Art is pronounced Aht. The organ in your chest that beats is pronounced Haht. :-D

  2. Told you it was too early or too late. NOW I get it. I actually got it as soon as I saw your comment this morning.

    In the late 1980s, (89, in fact), I considered going to MIT. I stopped there to check out the campus and the surrounding area to get a feel for things.

    I never made it to Hahvahd, but I made it to Boston. I stopped several places, one for coffee, one for lunch, one to sit and observe the surroundings. I also did a little shopping. I had just been to NYC, where people were so kind to me, even when I got off the wrong freeway and landed in Harlem (later I was told I was lucky to have not gotten killed for asking for directions while there).

    Back to my story, one of the reasons I decided to NOT go to MIT was because the people were SO rude. Another was the cost of tuition was over $23,000.00 a semester (I can only imagine what the cost is now). The final was that I would have been stoned if I wore my Lakers jacket to a Celtics game. I DID buy a Celtics cap for a friend who I always had a bet with each time the two teams played together. He couldn't believe I would go out of my way to buy it for him, but I know how to treat my opponents (grin).

    Thanks for explaining the Aht to me. Yep, I get it now!

  3. Nice! :) Love the good old Mass accents!